Marlow Kites Netball Club takes Safeguarding of all members very seriously. Our Safeguarding Officer is Jennine Loader (, 07855 333014).

If a member or anyone having dealings with the Club has a Safeguarding issue, please report it directly to the Team Coach or the Safeguarding Officer or follow the Reporting a Safeguarding Concern procedure.

Below are links to a range of England Netball Safeguarding Policies and Processes that we endorse and subscribe to:

Safeguarding Young People in Netball Policy

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Social Media Policy

Signs of Abuse

Policy on Taking and Using Images of Young People

Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy

Safeguarding Disciplinary Regulations

If you would like to speak to someone else regarding Safeguarding, or require further information, please refer to the Safeguarding Contact List.

For young members of the Club, we encourage you to look at the Code of Conduct Guide for Junior Players for guidance on expectations of good sportsmanship and behaviour.