Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures

Complaints Procedure

  • All complaints regarding the behaviour of any member of the Club including players and coaching staff should be addressed in writing to the Club Secretary at
  • Upon receipt of a complaint the Club Committee will appoint a committee member to investigate the complaint.
  • Steps taken in the investigation may include requesting clarification and/or additional information from the complainant and obtaining statements from relevant individuals including the member concerned and any witnesses to the behaviour complained of.
  • The committee member will attempt complete the investigation within 7 days.
  • Following the completion of the investigation a second committee member will consider the information collated and make a decision on the complaint.
  • Their decision will be notified to the complainant in writing within 7 days from receipt of investigation report.

Disciplinary Procedure

  • Disciplinary action may be taken against any member whose actions bring the Club or the game of netball into disrepute.
  • Further, in the event that a complaint lodged under the complaints procedure is upheld, or following a serious breach of Club Rules or Codes of Conduct, it may be appropriate for the Club Committee to take disciplinary action against the member or members concerned.
  • Allegations of misconduct will be investigated in the same way as complaints outlined above and considered at a disciplinary hearing heard by a panel of 3 members of the Management Committee.
  • The outcome of the disciplinary hearing will be communicated to the member within 7 days of the disciplinary hearing.
  • Possible disciplinary action will include termination of membership.
  • The member will have a right of appeal against the decision within 7 days. The appeal should be lodged in writing with the Club Secretary at
  • Any appeal will be considered by a member of the Club Committee not previously involved with the disciplinary hearing within 7 days of receipt and his or her decision notified to the member in writing.
  • The Club Committee’s decision following an appeal hearing is final.